Beach Trips

Enjoy a sunny day at local beaches in Havana some 20 km away from downtown. The trip by car is always pleasant - using the highway if you are heading east, or the beautiful 5th avenue if you are heading to the western beaches.

Playas del Oeste (Western Beaches) are rocky, narrow, and deep; and are located next to the newer hotels in Havana. They are bordered by the urbanization. In some of them, it is common to see small boats in the rivers that cross them. That is the case of Playa Jaimanitas and, a bit further down, the beach of Baracoa. Others like the Marianao beaches, not very well known, are mainly used by locals.

On the other side we find Playas del Este (Eastern Beaches) stretching along 8 km of coast. These are white sandy beaches, with mainly shallow turquoise waters and where the rivers can be easily crossed. Going west to east you first find the Cojimar Beach, next to the town of the same name, which became famous after being immortalized by the North American writer Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Old Man and the Sea. Passing Cojmar, the next beach you encounter is Bacuranao, accompanied by a small fortresses built by the Spanish to protect the newly born City of Havana. Next to Bacuranao is Playa Tarará. Then follows the beach of Santa Maria del Mar, which can be reached by one of the intersections from the Via Blanca highway. Other intersections to get to the beaches are located in Playa Tarará and Boca Ciega beach.

Another public beach and crowded with locals is Guanabo, which easily communicates with Santa Maria. It is common to see people begin the day at one extreme and end at the other.