Private Restaurants

Are you trying to find a good place to dine while in Havana?

Havana's restaurant scene offers Criollo (traditional cuban) or 'international' food at either the state-run restaurants or at the private restaurants called 'Paladares'.

Cuban food is mostly Cerdo asado ( succulent roast pork) or grilled chicken usually served with rice and black beans and fried banana or plantains.'Yuca' is a popular side dish as well as plantain. Both can be prepared and served in different ways. You can also find splendid fish in Cuba. Red snapper and swordfish is readily available in every 'Paladar'

2travelcuba is able to recommend the most popular Paladares and Restaurants among locals and visitors.

Paladar Nerei at the corner of 19 and L serves remarkable tuna salad, calamari, grilled fish on a shaded terrace overlooking the crowded street of L in a beautiful colonial home.

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The paladar Doctor Cafe located in the Miramar district is popular among Havana's businessmen and visitors.

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